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Body-weight workout routine

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NOTE: i did not come up with this! i'm only summarizing the information found at links above to quickly remind myself the routine.

this can be done either 2 days (1,2) or 3 days (1,2,1 then 2,1,2) per week. for each set (A,B,C,D), iterate between the two exercises either 3 times (A) or 2 times (B,C,D). the key here is smooth movement, body control, and timing. most of these exercises are easy if they're done incorrectly. when done correctly, however, your body will get a good burn going before you're half-way done. it's better to do fewer reps and have better form than to speed through the sets and complete everything. in other words, if your posture and form starts getting sloppy, move on to the next exercise.

see descriptions below for explanation of movements.
Day 1
  • A1: Jumping Box Squat: 3x5, 1-0-*
  • A2: Feet Elevated Push Ups: 3x6-8, 3-3-3
  • B1: Bulgarian Split Squat: 2x6-8, 3-3-3
  • B2: Inch Worm: 2x6-8, N/A
  • C1: Uni Stiff Leg Deadlift: 2x6-8, 3-3-3
  • C2: Door Frame Rows: 2x6-8, 3-3-3
  • D1: Step Ups: 2x6-8, 3-3-3
  • D2: Ab Sequence: 2 rounds, N/A: Plank, Side Planks, Bird Dog, Superman
Day 2
  • A1: Clapping Push Ups: 3x5, 1-0-*
  • A2: Uni Hip Lift: 3x6-8, 3-3-3
  • B1: Uni Box Squat: 2x6-8, 3-1-3
  • B2: Pike Push Ups: 2x6-8, N/A
  • C1: 360 Degree Lunges: 2x6-8, 3-3-3
  • C2: Door Frame Rows: 2x6-8, 3-3-3
  • D1: Renegade Rows: 2x6-8, 3-3-3
  • D2: T Push Ups: 2x6-8, 3-3-3
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Jumping box squat: place hands behind head, feet shoulder width apart.  sit down onto chair pushing hips back.  explode straight up.  repeat.

fisted elevated-feet push up: elevate feet on chair

bulgarian split squats: face away from chair.  one foot on chair, one foot forward, lower down (squeezing glute on lead leg).  chest up and square.  hips square.

inch-worm: bend down, touch toes.  walk hands out as far as you can, then inch feet towards hands.

unilateral stiff-legged dead lift: stand on one leg, chest head up.  bend over to make T, don't bend knee.  squeeze glute to drive hips forward.  use hips, not lower back.  feel it in hamstrings.

doorframe rows: grab doorframe, bring feet in close to wall, lean out, pull in.  keep lats tight.

step ups: one foot on chair, get onto trailing leg toe, flex calf.  pull yourself up.  don't bounce on trail leg.

ab sequence:
- planck - get down on elbows and toes.  30sec
- side planck - roll over to side, both sides 15 secs
- bird-dog - get on hands and knees.  raise opposite arm and leg for 30 secs.
- superman - lay on tummy, lift arms and legs. 15sec


clapping push ups: perform regular push up, but clap hands after coming up. if you cannot clap, still try to get hands off of ground.

unilateral hip lift: lay on back with one leg out and other knee up with foot underneath. keeping body straight with leg, push hips upwards, pivoting at the shoulders.

uni box squat: face away from chair. with one foot lifted off ground out in front, lower yourself using the other leg until you just touch the seat.

pike push ups: bend over with hands on floor just a bit in front of feet to form an arch. feet and hands should be shoulder width apart. do push up (simulate a military press)

360 degree lunges: step one foot forward and bend till knee is just above ground then return to standing. step foot to side and squat down then return. step foot back and bend then return. repeat with other foot.

doorframe rows: grab doorframe, bring feet in close to wall, lean out, pull in.  keep lats tight.

renegade rows: get into high push up position with feet shoulder width apart. slowly lift one hand to chest, hold, then slowly return. switch hands.

T push ups: do regular push up then roll to side while raising one hand up in the arm, forming a T with your body. return to push up position and repeat with other hand.


Penguin Toe Taps 

Lie down with your knees bent, hands facing up and at your sides Lift shoulders and head off the mat and reach your fingertips toward your toes, one side at a time. 

Bicycle Crunches

Lie on floor with your lower back pressed to the floor. Lift one leg at a time, bending at a 45 degree angle reaching opposite elbow toward opposite knee. Create a bicycle pedal rotation with your legs, alternating each side, twisting back and forth. Keep your neck and spin aligned to avoid strain. 

Static V Pulses

Lie on your back, legs extended, raised off of the ground. Bring your lower back to the floor and engage your core. Then, lift your shoulder blades and neck off of the floor and begin to pulse your arms parallel to the floor in a short range of motion. 

Side Plank Dips

Lie in a side plank position, making sure your elbow is in line with your shoulder, palm flat on the floor. Dip your hips down toward the floor then lift them back to the starting position. Switch sides 15 seconds into your 30 second set.  

Toe Touches

Lie on your back with straight legs. Raise both legs up and reach for your toes until your fingertips touch them (or come close to it).