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Computational Geometry

computational geometry algorithms library (CGAL) [link]
lemon graph library [link]

bipartite graph matching [wikipedia]
video lecture: Bipartite Graph Matching for Computing the Edit Distance of Graphs [link]
python implementation of hungarian method [src] [test] [discussion thread]
python implementation of hopcroft-karp method [src?]

peter wonka, arizona state university [link]
thomas funkhouser, princeton [link]
niloy mitra, stanford [link]

papers, etc.:
Speeding Up Graph Edit Distance Computation through Fast Bipartite Matching [pdf]
Bipartite Graph Matching for Computing the Edit Distance of Graphs [pdf]
Speeding up Graph Edit Distance Computation with a Bipartite Heuristic (ext. abstract) [pdf]
The Edit Distance in Graphs [pdf slides]
Inexact Graph Matching Using Estimation of Distribution Algorithms (thesis) [link] [pdf]
    Chapter 2, The graph matching problem [pdf]
Least squares 3D surface and curve matching [pdf]
Topology matching for fully automatic similarity estimation of 3D shapes [link]
Shape Matching and Object Recognition Using Shape Contexts [link]
Dynamic Geometry Registration [link]
Global Registration of Dynamic Range Scans for Articulated Model Reconstruction [link]
hao li papers [link]

google scholar searches:
Automatic Estimation of 3D Transformations using Skeletons for Object Alignment [link]