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stark [link]
- Syntax familiar to a C# developer, with some cosmetic changes:
    - make primitives more coherent (int32, uint32, int16, uint16, ...etc.)
    - no mandatory need for most of trailing ;
    - without parenthesis in if, while...etc.
- class (reference type) and struct (value type)
- trait instead of interfaces (trait type) to allow a better extensibility story via extends
- builtin syntax for tuple (valuetypes) with decorators
- enum sum-type/discriminated unions with the cool pattern matching
- try to fix the billion dollar mistake by having a null safe language
- modules/namespaces, global functions, export type aliases
- builtin contracts: for pre and post conditions via requires and ensures
- better control on memory and locality: [...]
- [...]

ELENA [link]
ELENA is a general-purpose, object-oriented, polymorphic language with late binding. It features message dispatching/manipulation, dynamic object mutation, a script engine / interpreter and group object support.

crash course on notation in programming languages [link]

pyret [link]

effective go programming [link]
go essential [link]

solid - a minimalist language with tiny vm [link]

chipmunk basic [link]

nimrod [link]
native code generation via compilation to c, not dependent on a vm. small executables without dependencies
garbace collection and manually managed memory (pointers)
# compute average line length
var count = 0
var sum = 0

for line in stdin.lines:
  count += 1
  sum += line.len

echo "Average line length: ",
  if count > 0: sum / count else: 0