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how many floating-point numbers are in the interval [0,1]? [link]

stupid hackathon celebrates terrible tech with eyeball pong, a robot port addict, and more [link]

the metaphysics of object-oriented programming [link]

build your own text editor [link]

anatomy of a floating point number [link]

object-oriented programming: a disaster story [link]

How did game devs pack entire games into so little memory 25 years ago? [link]

five programming problems every software engg should be able to do in less than 1 hr [link]

programming on parallel machines: GPU, multicore, clusters, more [link]
open textbook

list of CLI languages [link]

pure programming language [link] collection of tutorials for learning a language [link]

what color is your function? [link]

syntax across languages [link]

punch22 [link] - apparently unsolved problem!

sherlock holmes debugging [link]

ascii delimiters [link]
31: unit
30: record
29: group
28: file

programming laws and reality [link]

license generator [link]

beautiful docs [link]

dijkstra on haskell and java [link]

free programming books [link]

programmer competency matrix [link]

openmp for clang llvm [link]

cheatsheet for licenses [link]

create programming languages with xtext [link]

quick-and-dirty comments to documentation [docco] [pycco]

doom 3 bfg source [link]

machine learning videos [link]

in OSX, play sounds for success or fail of command.  useful for long compiles :)  smb sounds from [link]

# executes arguments and plays sound depending on exit status, then running time (incl playing sound!):
#   success: sf ls *
#   failure: sf ls doesnotexist alsodoesnotexist

START=`date "+%Y.%m.%d %H:%M:%S"`
STARTS=`date "+%s"`

$@ && afplay -v .4 ~/sounds/smb_kick.wav || afplay -v .4 ~/sounds/smb_breakblock.wav  

END=`date "+%Y.%m.%d %H:%M:%S"`
ENDS=`date "+%s"`

echo ""
echo "timing: ${START}, ${END}, $((ENDS-STARTS))secs"

MEL script highlighting for Kate [link]
markdown highlighting for kate [link] [link]

Base64 encoder / decoder (link)
useful for textifying an icon to inline in JS, ex: modify greasemonkey script (link)

enable ParallelFX for Mono (link)

makefile tutorial (link)

The Underhanded Coding Competition:
We hereby announce the fifth annual contest to write innocent-looking C code implementing malicious behavior. In many ways this is the exact opposite of the Obfuscated C Code Contest: in this contest you must write code that is as readable, clear, innocent and straightforward as possible, and yet it must fail to perform at its apparent function. To be more specific, it should do something subtly evil.

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