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OSG 2012.03.31

What: paintball

Who: anyone 12+ years  (see below)

When: Sat, Mar 31, all day (09:00--16:00 + travel)

Where: OSG Paintball [site] [reviews] [vids], ~95mi from VBC [gmaps]

Why: seriously!? do i really need to put something here? but, if you must have a reason, i'm going because: my birthday (along with some birthdays of others that may go, too) falls in march... i've also been cooped-up indoors behind a computer for far too long... i haven't shot (paint) anyone in a very long time... it's stinkin' fun... i've watched many war-ish movies recently... i have my wife's blessings :)... maybe one of these is a good enough reason for you, too?

How much: $25+, but maybe $50--60 [rates] depending on how much you shoot :)

please, spread the word! feel free to invite others!!

if you're interested in going, let me know. i'm going regardless, but if we have a "large" group, i'll reserve some equipment since the 31st is OSG's season opening day.

one last note: if anyone is interested in doing a private game (must have 10+ players), the age limit drops to 10+
Jonathan Denning,
Mar 13, 2012, 5:47 PM