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Marker: Tippmann A5
Tippmann A5 + polished internals
SpecOps M249 SAW air-thru shoulder stock + foregrip
RAP4 Tac Cap / Tippmann X7 hopper
RAP4 weaver sight rail
NcStar D4B red-dot reflex sight
Tippmann response trigger
SpecOps 3-point sling
Smart Parts Progressive 16" barrel, stock A5 barrel, 14" CP barrel with adapter

Marker: Tippmann X7 Phenom
G36 Foregrip, Carry Handle, Folding Stock
stock X7 Phenom barrel, 14" JJ ceramic(?) barrel

Marker: Spyder MR1
custom camo paint job
stock barrel


x7 phenom manual [link]

a5 parts [link]:
sear $8 [link]

x7 parts [link]:
egrip battery door $3 [link]
long push pin $3 [link]
x36 carry handle $30 [link]
air-through $50 [link]

some day...
x7 phenom, air-through, folding UMP (G36/X36) shoulder stock [link]

co2, hpa info [link]
hydro test info [link]
hydrostatic tester [link]

some older photos of in-laws


some pics of the kids :)


red-dot vs. holographic [link]

cqb icp b5 [link]

A5 for Dummies (link)
Winter Play (link)

Items to Purchase (someday :) )

AVI N2 Tank - 62ci 3000PSI $50 link
BT Remote Cover $10 link
Camo Wrap $15 link
Sniper Training Manual $9 link

Paintball Fields near Hanover

Google Maps (link)

OSG Paintball Field (link).  Approx 90 mi from Hanover
Private Game during Weekdays, >10 people
Own Equipment: $10 Full, $5 Half
Rentals: $25 Full, $15 Half.  Includes: Admission, Marker, Mask, 100 rounds, 9oz CO2
Field Paint: $70 2k, $40 1k, $20 500, $5 100
CO2 Fills: $6 16-20, $10 All Day
Food: $1 Hotdogs, $2.50 Hamburger, $1 Soda/Water

The Ultimate Qloader Thread (link)
Subpages (1): OSG 2012.03.31