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* [*,M1 Elementary cryptanalysis by Abraham Sinkov, Paul L. Irwin]
* [* Letter Frequencies] * [* Bigram Frequencies] * [* N-gram Frequencies] * [* Classic Cryptography] * [* Frequencies!] ++ Frequencies Copied from ([* link]) Digraph Frequency: th he an in er on re ed nd ha at en es of nt ea ti to io le is ou ar as de rt ve Trigraph Frequency: the and tha ent ion tio for nde has nce tis oft men Double Letter Frequency: ss ee tt ff ll mm oo Top Twenty Most Used Words in Written English: the of to in and a for was is that on at he with by be it an as his Top Twenty Most Used Words in Spoken English: the and I to of a you that in it is yes was this but on well he have for Two Letter Word Frequency: of to in it is be as at so we he by or on do if me my up an go no us am Three Letter Word Frequency: the and for are but not you all any can had her was one our out day get has him his how man new now old see two way who boy did its let put say she too use Four Letter Word Frequency: that with have this will your from they know want been good much some time very when come here just like long make many more only over such take than them well were Word Frequency for the Most Common Words: the of and to in a is that be it by are for was as he with on his at which but from has this will one have not were or all their an i there been many more so when had may today who would time we about after dollars if my other some them being its no only over very you into most than they day even made out first great must these can days every found general her here last new now people public said since still such through under up war well where while years before between country debts good him interest large like make our take upon what 100 Most Frequently Used Words: about after all am an and are as at back be because been big but by came can come could day did do down first for from get go going got had has have he her here him his I if in into is it just like little look made make me more my no not now of off on one only or our out over said saw see she so some that the their them then there they this to two up very was we well went were what when where which who will with would you your Letter Frequency: "etaoin shrdlu" (eh-tay-oh-in shird-loo), was believed to be the twelve most common letters in the English language. The word came from linotype typesetting machines. The first, left row of six keys on a linotype machine produce the word "etaoin". The second, left row of six keys produce the word "shrdlu". The linotype machine keys are labeled: "etaoin-shrdlu-cmfgyp-wbvkxj-qz". The letter 'h' appears more often in every day speech and writing than it does in a list of dictionary words. Letter Frequency in the English Language: e t a o i n s r h l d c u m f p g w y b v k x j q z Letter Frequency in Press Reporting: e t a o n i s r h l d c m u f p g w y b v k j x q z Letter Frequency in Religious Writings: e t i a o n s r h l d c u m f p y w g b v k x j q z Letter Frequency in Scientific Writings: e t a i o n s r h l c d u m f p g y b w v k x q j z Letter Frequency in General Fiction: e t a o h n i s r d l u w m c g f y p v k b j x z q Letter Frequency in Word Averages: e t a o i n s r h l d c u m f p g w y b v k x j q z Letter Frequency in Morse Code: e t a i n o s h r d l c u m f w y g p b v k q j x z Non-Plural Word Letter Frequency (18584 Common Base Words): e a i r t o n s l c u p m d h g b y f v w k x z q j Plural Word Letter Frequency (45406 Common Words): e i s a r n t o l c d u g p m h b y f v k w z x j q Letter Frequency of the Most Common 1st Letter in Words: t o a w b c d s f m r h i y e g l n o u j k Letter Frequency of the Most Common 2nd Letter in Words: h o e i a u n r t Letter Frequency of the Most Common 3rd Letter in Words: e s a r n i Letter Frequency of the Most Common Last Letter in Words: e s t d n r y f l o g h a k m p u w Letter Frequency of the Most Common Letter to Follow the "e": r s n d More than half of all words end with: e t d s