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great article on simple python tips for artists [link]

blender 2.76.2 api doc [link]
bgl [link]
mathutils.geometry [link]
bmesh [link]

extern void PyC_RunQuicky(const char *filepath, int n, ...);
 char frmt[10]; char *tbuf; 
// call to handle uid assignment
tbuf = (char*) malloc( sizeof(char) * (strlen(buf)+1) );
//if( strlen( buf ) >= 65536 ) buf[65535] = '\0';
sprintf( tbuf, "%s", buf ); // pass python command as parameter
sprintf( frmt, "%ds", (int)strlen(buf) ); // format of cmd param, includes len
PyC_RunQuicky( "", 6, "i", &isave, "256s", filename, frmt, tbuf );
free( tbuf );

pingpong [link]: panels and ops
properties [link] [link]: storing custom props in ID-derived objects
interface [link]: panels, layouts, properties, storing in scene props, polling, dyn drop-downs, operators, modal op, invoke vs. exec, pop-up dialog, err dlg