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install osx 10.4 SDK [link] (Xcode 3)
$ sudo port install ffmpeg
$ mkdir blendersvn
$ cd blendersvn
$ svn co
$ mkdir lib
$ cd lib
$ svn co
$ cd ../blender
$ cp build_files/scons/config/
$ nano
$ python scons/ -j 2

with nano above, change the flags at the very top to match your architecture and config for ffmpeg support

MACOSX_ARCHITECTURE needs to be set to the correct architecture : ppc, i386 (Intel 32bit) or x86_64 (Intel 64bit)

# enable ffmpeg support
BF_FFMPEG = '/opt/local' #LIBDIR + '/ffmpeg'
# This is the folder where port installed ffmpeg to
BF_FFMPEG_INC = "${BF_FFMPEG}/include"
# Note that in the line below 'faac faad' is added
BF_FFMPEG_LIB = 'faac faad avcodec avdevice avformat avutil mp3lame swscale x264 xvidcore theora theoradec theoraenc vorbis vorbisenc vorbisfile ogg bz2'
#bz2 is a standard osx dynlib

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