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the tech of PIXAR part 1: Piper [link]

a trip down the LoL graphics pipeline [link]

Process: Aesthetic Engine 2 [link]

Oblivion GFX Behind-the-scenes [link]

Library: Pixar One Thirty [link] - classic textures from pixar

principles of digital image sythesis [link] [link]

no emotion HDRs [link]

skybox of space scene generator [link]
mazes with blockwise geometry [link]

render hell 2.0 [link]

quantum break video game trailer [link]

texturise, tileable textures [link]

retro computer animations were ahead of their time [link]

next generation character rendering [link]

shadevivid [link]

the third and the seventh: silestone - above everything else [link]

the book of shaders [link]

stone tiles with displacement [link]

why every movie looks sort of orange and blue [link]

every frame a painting - geometry of a scene [link]

time-lapse sculpt [link]

Illusion of life [link]

convert between any graphic format supported by openoffice, unoconv [link]

elegant figures [link]

frozen animation buildup [link]

alex roman cgsociety portfolio [link]  third and seventh

realistic architecture images [link]

the computer graphics library [link]

understanding colors [link]

michael abrash's graphics programming black book [link]

non-periodic tiling [link]

polygon map generation [link]

pixar universal scene description [link]

colorspace: guide to xyz. rgb, icc, xyy, and trcs [link]

data visualizations:
pi [link]
brewer colors [link] [txt]

practical typography [link]

raytracing vs. rasterization debate [link]
pdf2htmlEX [link]

the pixar theory [link]

paperman [link]

pixar development process [link]

monster's university oops!

darktable [link]

cicadas, prime numbers, tile-able textures: [theory], [application]
rembrandt's textural agency [link]

computer graphics courses online [reddit] [list]

export all images from a pdf
# input: paper.pdf
# output: paperimages_#pg_#im.ext
# image extensions are .pbm (mono), .ppm (non-mono), .jpg (DCT compressed images)
$ pdfimages -j -p paper.pdf paperimages

youtube-dl [link]

the little grasshopper [link]
the ryg blog [link]
the truth behind homogeneous coordinates [link]
the barycentric conspiracy (from ryg blog) [link]

creaturebox sketching [link]

fooplot: online graphing calculator [link]

HDRI Panorama [link]

ed catmull, fred parke: halftone animation (hand) [link]

ascii art lines [link]







Graphics & visualization: principles & algorithms [link]

nodebox [link] [libraries] - create viz

create subtitles for video [link]

normalmap gimp plug-in [link]

19 ffmpeg commands [link]
# convert img seq to mp4 video
$ ffmpeg -r 30 -sameq -i snap%04d.png video.mp4
how-to [link]
# convert flv to mp4 (note: still tweaking values...)
$ ffmpeg -i input.flv -sameq -ar 44100 -ab 128k output.mp4
$ ffmpeg -i input.flv -sameq -acodec copy output.mpy

sampling with hammersley and halton points (link)
Hammersley sequence--Low discrepancy sampling (link)

implementing C-T (link)
C-T (link)
Oren-Nayer (link)
Ward (link)
from (link)

OpenTK Example (link)

Columbia CUReT DB (link)

Texture Well (link)

SIGGRAPH 2009 Papers on the Web (link)


jiaping wang (link)

environment map


installed bison and flex


pbrt2.0: add #include <stdint.h> to core/pbrt.h to compile

changed Makefile:
OPT=-O2 -fPIC -m64 -fpermissive
added subsurface to INTEGRATORS
changed core/reflection.h
411: int j = 0, i;
412: for (i=0; i<nBxDFs; i++)

Indigo Renderer Material Database (link)

++ fonts
[* Programmer Fonts]
[* Proggy Fonts]

++ color matching

++ icons
[* Icons Pedia]

++ color matching

++ conversion from RGB to HSL/HSV
got from [ link]
[[math type="eqnarray"]]
&& \text{let } r,g,b \in [0,1] \\
&& \text{max} = max(\{r,g,b\}) \\
&& \text{min} = min(\{r,g,b\})

[[math type="eqnarray"]]
h = \left\{ & 0 & \text{if max = min} \\
& (60\textdegree \cross \frac{g-b}{\text{max - min}} + 360\textdegree) \mod 360\textdegree, & \text{if max = }r \\
& 60\textdegree \cross \frac{b-r}{\text{max - min}} + 120\textdegree, &\text{if max = }g \\
& 60\textdegree \cross \frac{r-g}{\text{max - min}} + 240\textdegree, &\text{if max = }b

l = \frac{1}{2}(\text{max + min})
[[math type="eqnarray"]]
s = \left\{ & 0 & \text{if max = min} \\
& \frac{\text{max - min}}{\text{max + min}} = \frac{\text{max - min}}{2l}, & \text{if } l \leq \frac{1}{2} \\
& \frac{\text{max - min}}{2 - (\text{max + min})} = \frac{\text{max - min}}{2 - 2l}, & \text{if } l > \frac{1}{2}

[[math type="eqnarray"]]
s = \left\{ & 0, & \text{if max = 0} \\
& \frac{\text{max - min}}{\text{max}} = 1 - \frac{\text{min}}{\text{max}}, & \text{otherwise}
v = \text{max}

++ dvd ripping with handbrake
ripping dvd (title 2) as animation
/home/shared/software/HandBrake/HandBrakeCLI -i /dev/dvd -t 2 -o ./arthur.mp4 --preset="Animation"

use -L option to rip the largest title

[* command line guide]
[* built-in presets]

++ links
* [* Compositing CG and Live Action in Blender]
* [* VooDoo Camera Tracker]
* [* Supporting GeForce Stereoscopic 3D Displays]

++ data visualizations
* [* Chris Harrison] - visualizing bible cross-references, Wikipedia cross-links, N-grams

++ polarization sheets
* [*] $15n: 17" x n'
* [*] rosco polarizing filter sheet $40: 17" x 20"