herein lies random tidbits of information that i've collected in a nearly haphazard manner.  this "wiki" is primarily an elaborate bookmarking and note-taking system that i found to be helpful.  i hope you find it helpful, too.

most of this was copied as-is from my wiki at wikidot.  as such, the wikidot formatting is left.  someday, i'll get around to fixing it...  as for the other stuff, i've (hot-) linked to many places on the web that i found interesting, useful, helpful, or just fun.  props and many thanks to the original creators of this information!

use at your own risk!  some of the things presented herein come with security risks that you *should* understand before implementing.  also, i don't keep all the links or text up-to-date, so somethings here may break your system if copied-pasted!